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WHAT IS PELVIC REST and why would we say to do that?
Prenatal care is designed to watch moms closely during pregnancy. Sometimes there is the need to see a perinatologist or Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor. When a pregnant momma has obvious signs of trouble like bleeding long before her due date or has shown signs of effacing early on… or dilating early… when she has had symptoms of preterm labor or runs of preterm labor with or without cervical changes– they often will tell her to have Pelvic Rest. This isn’t bed rest—- this is PELVIC REST to avoid introducing bacteria, stimulating contractions or start labor early.

Right now as I write this–> we have a full NICU of 26 to 33 weekers. You don’t want your baby born that early– you really don’t…….. After a rash of moms who didn’t realize their activity may cause preterm labor even though they “felt OK at the time” and engaged in the activity after being placed on pelvic rest…. I felt like- WELL—>

Maybe somebody just really has to say it ALL !
This is supposed to be a little bit funny!

Sometimes there is a partner
who pushes for a little intimacy and well— maybe you feel bad for him or her and/or maybe you want t0…… We know it’s difficult. You may want the intimacy or the connection.  If this partner is not also on pelvic rest–> you could be creative to get the connection so long as you adhere to the list below.

I am so sorry to have to really spell it out but……

This Means:

  • NOTHING in the vagina……..    Not a penis, Not a finger or thumb, Not a toe, Not a tongue, Not a lip, Not a dildo, Not a sex toy, Not anything in the house you can make into a dildo or sex toy, Not anything in the house that can FIT into the vagina, Not anything you may purchase or get outside your home that can fit into the vagina EVEN if the package does say “Sterile” on the outside!
  • No Crotch/Genital Stimulation or Rubbing   with or without your partner…. (or with anyone who isn’t your partner). This includes but not limited to: No rubbing of your genitals with those of another, No rubbing with hand, No licking, No labia sucking or hickeys, No clitoral sucking, No blowing of air into the vagina
  • No Orgasm.     I’m sorry- that is not good news. I know- but an orgasm can cause powerful uterine contractions. This means no orgasm brought on intentionally by any type of activity including nipple stimulation.
  • No Anal Sex of Any Kind.    Unless you are applying hemorrhoid ointments or inserting a suppository…. everything listed for genitals above includes the anus.
  • No new Piercings.     You will need to keep your current piercings clean.
  • No Prostitution activity.  Yep- I really said that. It happens.
  • No Swimming or Tub Baths as directed by your provider. We encourage regular hygiene of course.
  • No Heavy Lifting —ask your provider for amt of weight safe for you.
  • No Exerting Exercise activity — again— ask your provider for amt of exercise safe for you… it is usually limited to gentle stretching exercise or gentle stretching yoga.

I say all those above because I have seen ALL of them and more and the momma has claimed … “but you didn’t say that“!

Sorry 😦

Did I forget anything???

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