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NBC’s “The Office” sends Positive Message to America for Birth and Breastfeeding

I haven’t ever sat through a whole episode of The Office….    maybe that’s why I didn’t ever really like it.  Perhaps I just didn’t “get” it!  This is a smart and funny show. Last night, they had a large viewing audience and great forum to send a positive message to America. They delivered… in a big way! This was a planned hospital birth so I am mentioning what I thought was positive about the reality of how this was portrayed.

Here’s what I liked:

  • Insurance issues … very real for some and guides some of parents decisions
  • Calm approach to early labor …no need to rush to the hospital with first contraction
  • Could be that she just wants another night in hospital but still comes off as a calm early labor
  • Many people in the Office were crazy & nervous except the mom –Pam
  • Pam feasts and enjoys the food while contracting..nobody said you better not eat!
  • I don’t think ever I heard epidural or C-Section mentioned!! (YAY)
  • Dwight decides he wants a baby and makes a contract including the “baby will be breastfed for the first 6 months” after-which he plans to feed some weird stuff but HEY… at least he indicated exclusive breastfeeding to start…right?
  • Pam still doesn’t want to go to hospital when her water broke
  • She showed a real but pretty brief fear of really “doing this” and becoming a parent
  • She didn’t have her ipod w/ birth music.. but this showed she was really planning and preparing for her birth
  • Pushed her baby out! YAY
  • I don’t think I EVER heard epidural or C-Section mentioned!! (I know I already said that but still— 🙂  No talk of interventions!)
  • Breastfeeding was the NORM in this episode! I did not SEE a bottle even though it was mentioned. The roommate was ALSO breastfeeding!
  • Trouble latching in the beginning is a common situation… It didn’t stop Pam
  • THE NURSE! Oh. My. God.!!! What a TRUE portrayal of the inept ignorant rude comments made by the nursing staff at many many hospitals!! (even mine.. but I’m working on that) Good for Pam to question her and stick her plan.
  • A male Lactation Consultant!
  • The fact that they used a Lactation Consultant…. YAY!
  • Great support from new dad Jim… even though it was funny how his facial expressions were not supportive of a male lactation consultant! (did we see the birth attendant? don’t remember)
  • They reach over in the middle of night and grab the wrong baby to breastfeed… I’m sorry—> that was really funny, I hope it didn’t offend any one. It’s not like a nurse gave Pam the wrong baby……
  • They have common new parent issues ie diapering, car seat, not feeling ready to go home etc…
  • Breastfeeding works out at the end of the show and Pam looks incredibly peaceful and happy… 🙂

The funky cover –> worked for her so really–who cares..?? I didn’t feel like that was a big part of the overall message IMHO.

My rating : Big A+

After the show– I find out via twitter that I actually know the writer and supervising producer! So cool!

(I work with his father who is an excellent Pro-Breastfeeding Pediatrician!)

😎 Psych 😎

What did you think?? The episode is called “The Delivery”. If you haven’t seen it, you can catch it online here.

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  1. I just watched it on Hulu and I really liked it. I rarely watch the Office, but I found this one to be endearing and funny. 🙂

    March 5, 2010
    • StorkStories #

      Me too! I may have become a new fan to see how this is played out.

      March 6, 2010
  2. I love your post! I am an RN too (former L & D nurse) and doula and I did a post about my reaction to the episode as well. It’s really fun to read other birth workers’ reactions. Like you, I thought the complete non-existence of the epidural and c-section was wonderful, and completely agree that the RN was not lovely (shoot).

    Great post!

    Be well,

    Andrea Crossman, BA, BS, RN

    March 5, 2010
    • StorkStories #

      Thanks Andrea, Welcome! I know that this is how so many RN’s out there still act and talk to the mom’s in their care. Sad but true….. I hope that the overall message to the large audience of America is that they don’t want to encounter nurses like that and to stand up to them. I also hope a few nurses may see themselves and change! I can always hope! That “Oh- you know everything now” line is what I hear so many nurses say about patients but not directly to them!
      I may have become a new fan to see how this is played out.

      March 6, 2010
  3. I agree – I think it was a win. I totally wanted to SLAP that nurse though! She’s pretty much the nurse I had with my 1st (You know, the one I failed at breastfeeding with!)

    I did hate the fact she was using a stupid hooter hider in the hospital. I mean – WHO uses one of those things in the hospital of all places. I mean, the staff has already seen everything they can see – what’s a boob to them?

    Other than that goofy part, yes, I thought it was a good portrayal.

    March 6, 2010
    • StorkStories #

      Ha ha.. that thing is ridiculous! I don’t know the characters of this series but I saw some breastfeeding advocate say that Pam is the type who may be really shy about feeding in public… perhaps the writers thought it added a comedy factor?
      I am happy about the overall message. I did send a message to the writer that the AAP recommends bfing for a full year! I’d love to see her return to work pumping.
      Hygeia Kate mentioned something about Enfamil product placement… I totally missed that.. will have to check again.

      March 6, 2010
  4. Mitzy #

    I am so sick of this gotta breastfeed debate. I had 3 children and I breastfed only one. And guess which one was the one in the doctors office the MOST? I very rarely had to go to the doctors office with the ones that I did not breastfeed. The one I did, had asthma, constant ear infections, colds, etc. I am sorry, I am all for everyone doing what they want but I am so SICK of people that criticize those that choose not to.

    March 6, 2010
    • StorkStories #

      HI Mitzy and Welcome! I’m sorry if you felt I had in any way stated that any individual HAD to breastfeed. I DO applaud this show for sending a much needed positive message to America. Each individual should make their own INFORMED choice but most Americans don’t get the correct exposure or information… in fact most young moms get tons on inadequate misinformation and are expected to make decisions. I wrote apiece about the importance of informed choice, and supporting the mom with these choices here. Thanks for checking in and i hope you stop back again… I’m not harsh–really

      March 7, 2010
  5. Thanks for your thoughts! I totally agree!

    I had a hard time putting my own into words so I linked this post from my blog Glad I found your site, have enjoyed reading it so far and have it bookmarked.

    March 8, 2010
    • StorkStories #

      Wonderful! Thank you!!

      March 8, 2010

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