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It’s my Birthday~ It’s my Birthday

Age is

Mind over Matter

If you don’t Mind… doesn’t Matter!!

Found some beautiful photos thru an email to share….

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  1. My mom just turned 56 and is going on 26. She mountain bikes with guys in their 20’and 30’s, getting covered in mud and riding over narrow bridges over killer drop offs. She shows me the pictures and I just about have a heart attack. She goes out to bars with girls from work and dances on tables. No she’s not an alcoholic – I think she actually gets away with it. And she does actually look damn good for her age. She dates men within ten years her junior. While I’m not sure I’ll be mountain biking and dancing on tables in bars in my later 50’s I do hope I’ll look as good as her and retain my youthful vigor for life.

    November 23, 2009

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