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Webinar~ WHO CODE ~ “The Code, Companies, and LC’s”

This is a reprint of an email invite I received today and wished to share with all those interested.

Brought to you by the USLCA


Wednesday October 14th 2009

United States Lactation Consultant Association

“The Code, Companies, and LC’s” by Marsha Walker

Marsha Walker
Participants will be able to describe the LC’s manufacturing or distributing products within the scope of the Code.
Participants will be able to discuss the elements of the WHO Code as they relate to companies that manufacture or distribute products covered within the scope of the Code.The Code within lactation consultants practice.  LC and ethical Practice within the Code.

  • Use of company products
  • Use of educational materials
  • Exhibiting at conference
  • Attending company sponsored education programs
  • Accepting meals or free items

How does a company meet its obligations under the code

  • Company websites
  • What violates the Code and what does not
  • Pictures-where and how are they acceptable
  • Idealizing language
  • Marketing vs Selling

Course Details
60 Min program
1 E Cerp Awarded for participating
(Certificates are emailed to attendees)

USLCA Members $20,   Non-members $30, Groups 2-10 $45, 10 or more $65

Click here to sign up “The Code, Companies, And LC’s”

Here’s how to sign up for a USLCA Webinar1. Down load the sign up sheet for the appropriate webinar.Click here for list of scheduled webinars.

2. Submit your sign up sheet and payment information to the National office through mail (address located on sign up form), email or by fax 919-459-2075 Attn: USLCA Webinar

3. You will then receive an email invitation to register for the webinar. Please complete this as soon as possible. You will not be able to sign on to the webinar until this registration is submitted, and approved.

If you have any questions please contact us at any time for assistance

Cerps are available only after payment is received.  If you are a member of the USLCA email Scott Sherwood to find out how to pay online.  Please feel free to forward this email to co-workers and friends. Thank you for your support!
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  1. Elita @ Blacktating #

    Interesting. This has come up on Twitter recently in regards to Lansinoh & Medela. I hope you’ll share what you learn. I am not an LC, but sort of feel like, if it’ss good enough for IBLCE, should be good enough for me!

    October 6, 2009

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