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Yard Sale = Huge Profits

Area Flooding

Area Flooding

Summer usually brings many many garage sales and yard sales in my neighborhood. Over the last 3 years, I have accumulated a large quantity of items that I just never got around to selling on eBay. I had been a fairly active seller…. sometimes making a really good profit!  The things I had accumulated lately either weren’t suitable for the eBay market or the fees charged would not make it worth my time and effort…. so they sat in boxes collecting dust. We had many antiques, collectibles, items from our old barn, chairs partially refinished, in need of repair etc..etc.. It was going to be the kind of yard sale I would love to peruse!
The day before the sale, as we tried to prepare and set-up, was the day when “Daniel” came up the east coast causing huge torrential downpours in my area… We had already advertised, I had to be ready for the dealers that come at 5 am! Waves of heavy rain hampered our efforts, collapsed tents and blown away drapes caused my husband to make a few trips out for more tarps and plastic drapes.
I knew we would not be ready  for the incredibly annoying dealers… so I parked my van sideways at the end of our driveway effectively blocking entry. I did not sleep before the sale and subsequently got a migraine to add to our muddy fun. All in all it turned out to be a profitable sale. The weather eventually cleared and we had waves of buyers instead of rain.

I have tried to tally our profits.. …..   keep in mind I don’t know how much I originally paid for some of these collectibles over the years…

Amount in my pocket at end of sale : $342.00

Total money paid by buyers over 2 days : $302.00

Start-up pocket cash for change : $40.00

Ad in the paper : $24.00

Markers, stickers, flourescent paper for signs : $11.50

Trips to Home Depot and Lowes for more tarps/plastic : $43.00

$342.00 in pocket minus costs and start-up cash = $223.50 POTENTIAL PROFIT

Handing over the ENTIRE $342.00 to my mom to help with her taxes—>

The look on her face and her tears–>




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  1. Guerrilla Goodness at its finest. You are so sweet! And what is it with everyone posting similar topics this week? Kindness is in the air I think!

    September 8, 2009

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