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A Wonderful Day in the BirthingHood

What a great fun day in the world of birthing.
The first words I heard at work today were words that I just love to hear when used in this sequence….

“Section’s Canceled”


Her Cesarean had been scheduled because her baby had been in a transverse lie position…. for weeks.  However–> this smart little genius baby had positioned his little self into a beautiful head down position before arriving at the hospital this morning! Mom was also contracting regularly and was 3 cm dilated. This was her second baby, first exam of the day, so she hung out for a while until it was clear she was continuing to make cervical changes and labor was underway.

A few others decided it was their time to make an appearance today. One baby boy was a couple weeks early and another a few days over 41 weeks.

Ever hear that things sometimes happen in 3’s ??

 As luck would have it, 3 young men decided to be born within 15 minutes of each other! All 3 were spontaneous vaginal deliveries. All 3 boys were breastfeeding within that first hour and 1/2 … not bad!

All the moms were so happy with their birth experiences. All the babies were healthy. The staff worked really well together. Our midwife was awesome! The doctors were fun, funny, thoughtful and kind and made really good patient centered decisions.

It was just an all around wonderful day in the birthinghood!



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  1. It sounds like it was a good day. And I’m glad. Especially about the section. In the first place it doesn’t sound like it was frivolous, but even better that the baby figured it out in time. Hooray!

    August 31, 2009
  2. I’m so glad you had a good day! You certainly have deserved a good one as of late. I hope it keeps up!

    August 31, 2009

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