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Mama needs “ME” time…. How do you guys do it all?

Birth and Breastfeeding Blog? I haven’t been doing much blogging.. Hmmmm……I feel somewhat guilty…….I mean I feel like I have a lot going on in my life… but ~

I don’t have small children….. mine are grown and gone… for the most part.

I don’t work 5 days a week….I work 3..but they are 12 hour shifts

I barely cook… at least no really complicated meals… I’m not a crunchy (didn’t even know what that word meant) organic earthy person.. I try to eat well but — the easier, the better…or frozen šŸ˜‰ is ok with me!

I don’t scrub-clean my house….. I like things orderly so I straighten, manage the dishwasher, blow the dust off frequently used areas, but hey, I gotta clean the bathroom.. that’s a must.

My husband does all my floors and his own laundry….. everyone in my house has always done their own laundry. My husband is just NOT a needy guy at all! He’s my dreamboat.

I’m not really married to my work… so to speak — but I’ve always taught my family that I have to care for people all day long at work…so they need to be independent where they can and help care for all their own needs. Mama is always available for the important stuff or talks.

Mama simply needs “ME” time..and a lot of it! It renews my spirit and rejuvenates my energy. Sometimes I feel like a selfish be-otch.. but I KNOW I need it. I’m worse with out it.

Today I worked on several work projects here at home… Ā Some PowerPoint, outlines for projects in my Clinical Expert Applicant Curriculum…. Specifically on Evidence-Based Practice and research; Ā Project participation within my organization… (searching for compelling ideas to stir up others enthusiasm); Community involvement; Cultural Diversity; Service Excellence and Preceptor/Mentoring of new nurses. Just a little somethin-somethin.

Oh and I forgot to mention a little thing called.. WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK !! Ā  August 1-7 Ā (more on that very soon)

A lot of theĀ blogsĀ I read contain regular well researched posts. I have over a hundred posts still to read in my reader! I want to tell my stories but I don’t always have the energy to figure out ways to tell the essence of the story and change enough to protect the identities.

So I do a lot of thinking and dreaming about what I’ll write on this blog — without really writing. Don’t give up on me yet. Ā  Ā If you are looking for something really cool or inspiring..I have it inside me head.. I do… it’s in there — still waiting to be gracefully typed with two fingers….


I’m probably watching a movie, reading a book or going out to lunch.
Fellow Bloggers… How do you pour it out on to the pages? I have a fairy tale impression of you all.

JUSTĀ HOW do you guys do it all?? Come clean with me.. are you all magicalĀ self-lessĀ supermom wizards?

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  1. That’s what I wanna know LOL…. When you find out how THEY do it let me know. I am definitely trying to find the balance and then I ask myself …. what exactly am I balancing LOL… Definitely I have a full life. I live life the fullest and I have a number of personal and professional projects I am working on. I have no kids, nor a full time job. I do have full time plans, and a HUGE vision all of which will hopefully be revealed on my blog soon but in the meantime I always feel like I am not blogging enough or quite frankly doing enough in general… And then I say…. some is better than none and ME time is something I teach and preach. Soooo that beign said…. keep the ME time and as this is a TEAM effort come in the game and get off the bench when you can
    :-). That’s what I do and feel like my plan is coming together piece by piece and that’s all I can ask for. šŸ˜‰

    July 28, 2009
  2. I do my writing all in a block. I’ll write 2 or 3 posts at once while my baby naps in my arms, and only on days when my preschooler is at daycare. I don’t dare move because the baby would wake up, but I have mastered typing without disturbing him. As I type now he’s nursing to sleep.

    At the moment I’m not working, and when I do it’s a desk job which is a whole other kettle of fish. My husband pitches in around the house. And I don’t particularly worry about the clutter. It’s impossible to keep things super-clean with 2 kids, I’ve just accepted it and moved on.

    Oh, and I don’t have a TV anymore. So instead of watching TV I’m online. I don’t think I got half as much writing in when I was plugged in to the television.

    July 28, 2009
  3. Joy #

    I write down ideas and topics on a post-it when I don’t have time to actually sit down and write. Then, when I get online I just pour it out! It helps that I can type about 80-100 wpm so it doesn’t take me long to write a post.

    However, mine are not well-researched or articles on some deep discovery. Just my life! And since it’s my life, I know it pretty well!

    July 28, 2009
  4. With me, it’s a lack of ME time. I spend my day with my daughter, and doing all sorts of running around and housework. And at night the husband and I tag-team the baby and spend it together. The most ME time I get is running to do some groceries and leaving baby home with my husband because it’ll be faster. I used to be an avid reader, to the tune of 4-5 books a month. I haven’t finished a book since my daughter was born, 6.5 months ago. I envy your ME time, and send your question back at you: How do you do it?

    And I definitely look forward to reading more of your posts, whether they’re tomorrow or in a month! =)

    July 29, 2009
  5. My house is spotless. It looks like a model home. Would you like to come over and eat off the floor?

    It’s all about the wee hours of the evening for me, and occasionally the not so wee. If DH is kicking it watching Daily Show, I read and read and read. Occasionally he’ll pick up his computer and I’ll see that we’re both on Facebook and I have to pull the plug on the overwhelming dorkiness of the situation, know what I mean?

    (My domain name got purchased out from underneath me the other day. I’m now at

    July 29, 2009
  6. My house is much, much cleaner than Jills! I write when the kids are in bed, or at camp, or at school. Hardly ever write on the weekends. I will sometimes write two posts, and publish them on different days. I would love a partner to blog on my site with me, ya know, share the love!

    July 29, 2009

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