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Wordless Wednesday… 1950’s “Good Wife Guide” and more…

goodwif1A guide for a “Good Wife” and more…….  vintage 1950’s and 1960’s American culture Photos found on this amazing collection of photos. Great find!!! I really remember many of these things.. Born in 50’s, preteen to teen in 60’s to 70’s.

Fun Memories

Click here for all the photos!

I recently found this first link wasn’t working now…so I found another copy of this guide here:

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  1. Loved all the pictures except the one of the man beating his kid. I wish child abuse was still “retro.” sigh

    June 25, 2009
  2. Birth_Lactation #

    You are so right! Spanking was sadly, an accepted parental practice of that era. The photographer most likely thought nothing at all of taking the photo. Sad indeed that something like that was “accepted” and then was included in the group of retro pictures 😦 But there it is….

    June 25, 2009
  3. Loved the pics! My grandmother was born in 1933 and married in 1958 so I’m going to send her the link….she’ll probably get a kick out of it. Now….the “Guide to Being a Good Wife” on the other hand….part hilarious part infuriating (in an entertaining way because thankfully, “Good Housekeeping” and the like doesn’t publish nonsense like that anymore!!…they just publish different nonsense!) haha My “favorite” line was “Listen to him. You may have a dozen of important things to tell him but now is not the tine. Let him talk first, remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours!” Oh lordy!! Haha! Thanks for the link!

    June 25, 2009
  4. Erin #

    I just read through your whole blog and think it’s great. I think what you are doing with the breastfeeding education and support is needed so badly.

    Anyway, I work as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for WIC. We don’t have a lot of training but fall back on our own experiences and have IBCLC’s that we can refer clients to if an issue is beyond something we can handle. I don’t know if your area has this program as it’s not too widespread yet.

    WIC is finally getting with the BF program though and offering a lot more foods for BF mothers. There will be an Exclusively BF package, Mostly BF package and a formula package. In the first month the mother has to choose either the Exclusively BF or formula package but after that it’s any of them. If she has one of the BF packages she gets her foods for a whole year and if it’s formula she only gets her foods for 6 months. Some states have already started this, mine isn’t implementing it until Oct.

    The other thing, do you mind if I email your post about the guilt with breast/bottle feeding to the other PC’s in my area? It is a really good way to look at especially now that we have the 3 different packages to teach moms about.


    July 2, 2009
    • Birth_Lactation #

      I am happy to meet you Erin… I would like to find out more about this WIC program. I am not familiar with it in my area but will find out. I have a suspicion that there are already some moms in my area who tell WIC they are breastfeeding as well as formula feeding for more benefits. I say this only because of observed behavior on our postpartum unit. Not judging them at all..just a possible observation…. I still always hope there are some of thoses who fall in love with nursing… do more of it and keep on going!! Please feel free to send this link to other PC’s. You all do a very important job. tell them to drop me a note so I know they were here! Thanks so much!

      July 2, 2009
  5. The link does not work now! boo hoo!

    July 6, 2009
    • Birth_Lactation #

      Wow…I can’t believe it..I found out the site was getting 20,000 hits a day and maybe it couldn’t handle that?? Sorry you missed it. maybe it will resurface as something else. Thanks for stopping in here though…

      July 13, 2009

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