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Tuesday Twins

    A Few 70’s Twins Tales

  • It was Autumn 1975 when she arrived on the unit in labor. She stood close to 6 feet tall and was very very pregnant. She knew she was having twins. Twins were usually diagnosed after a mom grew larger than dates and by finding two fetal heartbeats. I had never seen someone that big! I was amazed she could even walk. She was taken to a labor room for the standard prep and SS enema (3H..High-Hot and a Hell of a lot). They did an abdominal girth: 60 inches…. that’s 5 full feet! We did not have any U/S to check fetal position. We relied on our exam and assessments. If the first twin was head down (vertex), that was all that mattered for the moment. Labor progressed and when she was close to crowning, she awkwardly and with a great deal of difficulty, maneuvered over to the stretcher and then once again, across the hall, moved onto the delivery table. She was asking for anesthesia. They provided that with some nitrous oxide or something by mask. The first baby was born spontaneously. A boy!! a BIG BOY! He weighed 9 LBS 6 oz! Wheeh! The doctor checked the 2nd baby’s position and it was vertex and moving down. I think they used some low outlet forceps and within 3 minutes, the 2nd baby was born. A girl!! An even BIGGER GIRL! She weighed 10 LBS 7 oz! Both were strong, vigorous and pink.
    The placentas were delivered and Pitocin IV given (a Pit Drip we called it). She had no complications I can remember. These babies were just the biggest twins I had ever seen or ever did see so far…;-)

    How about you? I have a poll on this page…please answer! I’m interested in your twin stories.

  • The young wife of a prominent local attorney arrived with her mother-in-law to be admitted to the labor room for delivery of her second child in the late 1970’s. She was about a month early, 35 – 36 wks. Her husband was away at a conference. Her belly was pretty big for her small frame. The doctors were all quite concerned about the size of the baby and how it would fit through the birth canal. They decided to send her to X-Ray for Pelvimetry. They would take films and measure the internal size of the bony pelvic inlet, spines and outlet, the compare those with biparietal diameter of her baby’s head. The film showed TWO baby’s heads, not one! Surprise! I’ll never forget the phone call the dad’s sweet refined little mother had to make to her son. She maintained her composure…”Thurston dear, we are at the hospital. Elizabeth is in labor, dear……..yes dear, I am quite aware that she isn’t due yet….Thurston dear, there’s more….. You are having twins darling……..Are you alright dear?? Yes..they are all fine…. we’ll call you back soon. See if you can come home, dear.” Elizabeth and Thurston (names changed for this story) became the proud parents of identical twin girls by vaginal delivery later that morning.

  • One of our OB staff nurses, Sue, had a sister having her third baby. She had 2 boys at home and everyone was hoping for a girl. Nobody ever knew the baby’s sex before the birth back then, unless you had an amniocentesis for medical reasons. Even then, many moms did NOT want to know and it was written on the chart that way. The mom’s labor progressed very quickly and soon she was in the delivery room, her sister Sue at her side. I was designated to wait outside the DR and let all the anxious staff know if it was a girl..
    I couldn’t wait after I heard the baby crying. I peeked in- there was a little 5 pounder squirming on the Kreiselman! It was a boy! The doctor was saying “Check the belly—check the belly, I think there is another one!” Sue was huddled over her sister trying to help calm her while reaching back to hold oxygen oven the baby’s face. I came in to help. Quickly after that, another baby was born! Again, a squirming 4 or 5 lb baby boy! Surprise twins! Everyone was quite shocked! Sue was then holding the one oxygen mask over both babies together while hugging her sister. The boys turned out to be identical and quite handsome young men as they grew up.

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  1. nursingbirth #

    Wow surprise twin stories!! I love it!! In the age of the “all powerful ultrasound” (said sarcastically) that we work in today, its a phenomenon we can only read about….usually 🙂

    April 23, 2009

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