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An Amazing 1970’s Hypnobirth

Circa 1975– I had the privilege of caring for and witnessing a birth so incredible and controlled that in retrospect, I feel this must have been a hypnobirth. My understanding of a hypnobirth is a focused concentration of the mother where she can be in a total state of physical relaxation yet be truly focused and totally aware, in complete control. I’m sure there is more to it but I am no expert.

The mother arrived first; labor had started at home while dad was at work. She was in early labor trying hard to do some breathing techniques. I thought this was another of the new “natural” childbirths. I was coaching her as best I knew how. When the father arrived, the tone immediately changed. Mom had been struggling to maintain control with breathing. The connection between them was instantly apparent. She relaxed quickly upon his arrival, his touch, his presence and they then slipped into their own world. She became very relaxed. He made it clear to me, nicely, not to interrupt them unless I needed to check on or examine mom or baby. He sat close to her in his own state of relaxation very silent, head bowed. When she would begin a contraction, she lightly touched his finger. He then began an energetic animated and quite interesting fast paced storytelling on which she concentrated during the entire contraction.

The contraction ended, the story stopped and dad was once again silent, relaxed, head bowed…waiting. Mom was very relaxed sometimes dozing until another contraction. She lightly signaled him again, and quickly his story picked up right where he left off with the same energy. This went on for about an hour and a half.

She seemed to be progressing in active labor quickly for a first baby. She sailed right thru transition and went on to push. I honestly don’t remember how long she needed to push but she pushed well with his coaching. He didn’t tell the story during pushing but had her completely relaxed in between pushing. She delivered a beautiful baby boy about 7lbs without any complications or any episiotomy! An AWESOME event!

I asked them about this process they had developed for their birth. She told me she was always mesmerized by his stories that they had decided that would be a good “focal point” for her concentration thru contractions. He told me he didn’t even give her a hint of the story he had planned until he began the tale in the labor room.

I think about them from time to time. I wonder if he writes children’s books or something.

I also wish I could have heard the end of that really good story…..

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  1. What a great story! My husband was an extremely important factor in the amazing HypnoBirth of our daughter, as well.

    My life has been forever changed by the awareness and knowledge of birth hypnosis. My hope, as a HypnoBirthing® Certified Educator is that I can help other couples experience the same thing.


    April 2, 2009
  2. obnurse35yrs #

    Thank you Layla Beth! Because of you, many more mom’s will be able to enjoy a birth experience like this!! Thank you for ALL that you do! Melissa

    April 3, 2009
  3. nursingbirth #

    wow what a fabulous positive birth story!! I love when moms prepare to bring labor companions that are actually helpful and wonderful as opposed to just “spectators”!


    April 23, 2009
  4. Birth_Lactation #

    Thanks Melissa!..Their birth was a truly truly wonderful experience for me as I had really been just learning the art of being a labor-delivery nurse …… and I was at the dawn of this movement or momentum towards a newer approach to childbirth…a gentler more natural approach. I am fortunate to have seen so many things..happy and sad. I want to write as much as I can while I can remember. I have been telling these stories to all those new nurses on orientation and those that I have worked with for years..I’m glad I found a place to try to record them as my own little piece of history. I’ve been @ work so much…6 12’s, one 8 hr shifts coming up so I’m tied up for a week or so. But I’ll get there. I want to catch up reading your stories also! So we are both Thanks again, stay tuned……..Melissa

    April 23, 2009

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