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My First Birth Event


I can’t possibly start to tell these stories without a tidbit of the first birth I ever attended! This birth did indeed implant a desire for me partake in the miracle of birth over and over again!

The year is circa 1963.  Living in our old 1811 saltbox farmhouse, all 5 of us ( my brother, sisters and I) are gathered in the large upstairs bathroom which was probably a bedroom at one time prior to indoor plumbing! Near the radiator on a bed of old towels, our beloved dog Dreena was giving birth to a litter of puppies!  How excited I was at the age of 9! I was always an outspoken little girl… a “hoyden”  my father so fondly called me.  I had to try to be involved in the entire event.  The first two puppies were born and Dreena was affectionately licking them.  I was immediately sold on the whole thing.

A little while later, the third puppy was expelled with the amniotic sac intact…….Not waiting to see what happened next—I ran to my father to report!


“There are 3 puppies now and this last one came out in a plastic bag!!”

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  1. nursingbirth #

    That is the cutest story I have ever heard written as a nurses’ “first birth”! Love the punch line!!


    April 23, 2009

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